The Benefits of Bleeding Brakes

Bleeding Brakes

 Leaks, low fluid levels, or improper maintenance introduces air into to your brake system.

Air in your brake lines causes:

Spongy pedal

Lack of braking power

Brake drag

Decreased gas mileage

Premature brake pad wear

Bleeding brakes removes air and returns your brake system to optimal performance.

Bleeding brakes

Light yellow brake fluid darkens with water absorption

Why you should replace your brake fluid?

Time increases brake fluid moisture, lowering the boiling point

This increases the probability of brake failure because vaporization of the fluid

Vapor leads to catastrophic failure

After a few years, the boiling point is lowered to a hazardous level.

Automotive professionals recommend changing your brake fluid every couple of years.

Bleeding brakes

Are you in the danger zone?

Brake fluid with too much water also promotes corrosion and pitting

Such problems lead to very costly repairs down the road.

The Air Zapper™ vacuum brake bleeder kit makes quick work of bleeding brakes

Bleeding brakes

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