Brake Vacuum Bleeder Kit – Air Zapper

Brake Vacuum Bleeder Kit by Air Zapper™

Brake Fluid Maintenance

Your engine performance thrills you, but your brakes can save your life. Sometimes ignored, but most vehicle manufacturers recommend a full replacement of your brake fluid every 2 years or 24,000 miles. You need new fluid in order to keep your system in top condition, because brake fluid can degrade over time and corrode your brake lines and components.

The task sounds simple enough, but great care must be taken to remove all of the air from the brake system to prevent your brakes from dragging or locking up when they get hot. A vacuum bleeder kit is a very useful tool for the home mechanic’s tool box. A typical affordable vacuum bleeder kit on the market today requires hand pumping or a separate compressed air source.

brake vacuum bleeder kit

Typical Brake Vacuum Bleeder Kit Hookup

True Hands Free Brake Bleeding

The Air Zapper™ is a truly hands free brake vacuum bleeder kit. There are no more hand cramps from incessant hand pumping or bulky and loud air compressors needed. You simply plug in the small vacuum pump, connect the tubing to your brake’s bleeder fitting and turn it on and you are bleeding.


brake vacuum bleeder kit

Hands-free Vacuum Pump

Instead of being the workhorse, you supervise of the operation. No more stopping the bleed to refill the reservoir. Your hands are free to refill the reservoir or do other maintenance while fresh fluid is pulled through your brake lines and air removed.


brake vacuum bleeder kit

    16 fl Oz Fluid Holding Tank


We created the Air Zapper ™ brake vacuum bleeder kit with the home mechanic in mind. Compact for easy storage yet it packs a lot of power in a small pump. It is quiet, efficient and the last brake bleeder kit you will ever need for any vehicle’s hydraulic brake or clutch system.

brake vacuum bleeder kit

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